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Admission and Financial Aid

Application Requirements

The University of Chicago seeks candidates with the academic preparation, intellectual ability, experience, and motivation to undertake a rigorous program in public policy. While no specific experience is required, students with a strong liberal arts background and sound quantitative and analytical skills will be best prepared for the program. The Committee on Admission and Aid evaluates all official transcripts of academic work, personal essays, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities and community service, performance on standardized tests, and special factors brought to its attention. The Committee considers each application on the basis of all materials submitted and does not automatically eliminate applications based on grade point averages or test scores. The application requirements and admissions process is the same for each Masters program (MPP, MA, MSESP, MSCAPP, MACRM).

  • Online Graduate Application (Available in September)
  • Resume
  • Short Essays (Masters only)
  • Motivation Statement (Masters only)
  • Candidate Statement (PhD only)
  • Research/Writing Sample (PhD only)
  • Transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation (submitted online)
  • GRE Scores
  • TOEFL Scores (international applicants only)
  • Video Statement (international applicants only)
  • $75 non-refundable application fee

For the most current information, please visit our Admissions pages.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines are published on the Harris website at

Financial Aid

Here at Harris, we recognize the significant investment you will be making in your degree; we are committed to helping you identify financial resources to assist with managing the cost. Financial aid is calculated based on a standardized cost of attendance: tuition, room and board, books, transportation, and personal/miscellaneous expenses for three academic quarters (nine months). Harris Admission notifies you of any merit scholarship award at the time of your admission. At that time, we also provide you with information on applying for loans and employment opportunities at the university.

Further Information

For more information on  Harris scholarships, contact the Admissions Office at 773.702.8400 or For additional information on loans and work, contact the Office of Student Loan Administration at 773.702.6061.